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Summer Barbecue 2014 22 June 2014

At last we were back in the garden, after a nine month break over winter for the meadow to grow. Images follow: cc-by-sa on everything. (For North Americans: this is outdoor cooking on a grill, not smoking/curing.)

Tent and gazebo

As usual, I set up the tent next to the gazebo. In theory, being nylon, it's not allowed anywhere near naked flame, so having it right next to the barbecue while I'm cooking is probably an Error. If it does ever go up, though, all it'll burn is the thatch on the gazebo. And if it hasn't gone up with the fairly hot and thorough fires I've put near it before, it's probably not as bad as the labels imply.

Ready food

The barbecue and initial supply of food, including the Famous Goatburgers. Most of this had actually been in the freezer since the previous event, which was why I asked people not to bring stuff this time.

Ready beer

Initial supply of beer. The portable fridge did a moderate job; I'm really not convinced that the tub of water (plus occasional ice) I've generally been using is any better, or any worse. But neither option is great.

More food

Food once we'd got started. The white drawer is serving as a sun-shade. Halloumi (in the metal bowl) worked quite well this time; I think the trick must be to keep an eye on it, because previously it's done its best to run away or char solid.

Cheese of doom

The cheese of doom. It came spherical in a black wax wrapping, which we melted off on general principles (and hey, we had a fire). It turned out to be a fairly mild cheddary sort of thing. Not bad, but didn't live up to the packing, which really wanted only a white string fuse to be the classic anarchist's bomb.

Some Goosinator from Left Hand Brewing. Probably a bit past its best, bearing in mind the amount of yeast mass, but still worth drinking. I tried to bring out some beers that had been sitting behind my bar for a while, like the old Meantime-brewed Franconian Dark Lager that Sainsbury's used to stock.


Why do pre-made kebabs have wooden skewers? They tend to catch fire and burn away, without transmitting useful amounts of heat to the inside. Perhaps I should re-skewer them with metal.

I wasn't making notes of the clever things people said this time.; I was too busy cooking, drinking, and printing labels for glasses. (A decent bitmap-capable label printer offers much more interesting possibilities than one that can only manage text.) About thirteen people turned up, more than thirteen bottles of beer were drunk, and the guests went away happy.

  1. Posted by Owen Smith at 11:44am on 22 June 2014

    I had a good time, ate far too much, skipped breakfast this morning to compensate (and I wasn't hungry) and lunch may be rather light.

  2. Posted by Ashley at 07:07pm on 22 June 2014

    As always thank you for inviting us. Really enjoyed screaming my lungs out getting in the pool.

  3. Posted by Susan at 07:56pm on 24 June 2014

    Awesome. Had a great time. Many thanks.

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