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Screen burn 26 January 2018

Burned-in screens were standard when I started with computers, though towards the end of the CRT era it mostly didn't happen any more, and more modern monitors tend not to do it either.

But that doesn't mean it's gone away. Here's the VFD on my 3D printer, clearly showing dimming from the "Time left" indicator and some less-visible text below. (The dark band is from temporal moiré between display and camera shutter.)

It's still usable, of course. Maybe they don't expect people to use them quite as much as I've used mine…

  1. Posted by Owen Smith at 09:50am on 26 January 2018

    The VFDs on my two Freeview PVRs are fading, the newer one is brighter than the one I've had for years more. The older one also has some screen burn and some dead pixels.

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