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February 2018 Trailers 01 March 2018

Some trailers I've seen recently, and my thoughts on them. (Links are to youtube. Opinions are thoroughly personal. Calibration: I hate everything.)

Breakable You: pretty rich people problems. Even if Tony Shalhoub has a rare positive role.

Disobedience: yes, but there are real orthodox Jews (and others), and they really damage people and break their lives. This kind of dominance game (whether you call it religion or something else) needs to be stamped out, not escaped from one by one or come to terms with. Or maybe it's just me.

Mission Impossible - Fallout: alas, it's still Tom Cruise. More implausible action scenes, and I just don't feel it, any more than I do with a Fast and Furious sequel.

Skyscraper: again, it just feels synthetic. Plug in The Towering Inferno and Die Hard and Mr The Rock (who isn't a great actor but has done better than this), and out comes the movie. Also, trajectories.

Solo - A Star Wars Story (Teaser): could be mildly amusing, but we've seen this kind of story before and pasting Star Wars on the front doesn't make it better. Particularly given that we know how it all comes out. Space octopus!

Life of the Party: tee hee, adult students are funny, especially women.

Resolution Song: goes all-out to tell you it's a Serious Film. Black kid getting killed by police is the new 9/11, as in a cheap excuse for Tragedy in an otherwise trite film?

House of Demons: extruded horror product. I Know What You Did Last Something.

Welcome the Stranger: may appeal to people who aren't me.

I Feel Pretty: so if the world doesn't treat you as desirable it's ALL YOUR FAULT for having the wrong attitude. Yay. (Also, Amy Schumer is UGLY. I mean, she's over 35 years old, so obviously completely unattractive…)

A Quiet Place: not much to add to the teaser, really. Lovely visuals, but boring playground rules for the monster.

Marrowbone: everyone's carefully set up to look just a little bit Weird. Could be an interesting story about people, but it looks as if it's just more boring old monsters.

The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society: (vt Guernsey). Interesting idea, though putting some of it in flashbacks (while staying true to the book) can't help but hurt the immersion. Might still work.

Ismael's Ghosts: great acting, but as so often in the French films I see trailers for, a very trite story.

Rampage (trailer 2): still looks like enjoyable crap, and I've always had a soft spot for the A-10.

Uncle Drew (Teaser): so basically it's a sports film with martial arts "old teacher" clichés added in. Probably some people will like it.

Incredibles 2: the sequel nobody was asking for… is generic family comedy.

Pacific Rim - Uprising: we are Earth's last defence… again? Shades of the sentai team; are they going to combine into one big robot? I don't know, it's just not grabbing me. Other peoiple will probably love it.

Cover Versions: let me guess, they're all guilty. They're all horrible, so why do I care? Rashomon has been done.

Kings: well made and clearly highly relevant, but may be very hard work to watch.

Pandas: interesting to see this kind of training, but it feels just a bit too cutesey. Maybe it's the voice-over?

On Chesil Beach: unhappy people are unhappy. Hopeless? Yeah, it's a Booker Prize nominee; everything is hopeless.

The Forgiven: feels like a film built to gather Oscar nominations.

Yardie (Teaser): and this one too, that combination of violence and artiness and black people and big names, that may actually be quite good but the trailer is mostly saying "For Your Consideration".

The Week Of: whoever this is meant to appeal to, it ain't me.

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