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I Am Now Old 06 October 2019

Today is my birthday. And I now feel that I can be regarded as officially Old.

Those of my friends who are older than I are welcome to laugh. But I have a better beard than most of you.

I recently saw, on the Old People Music Rack in a local garden centre alongside the Vera Lynn and (young) Johnny Cash… UB40's greatest hits.

I don't read the Mindset List (formerly Beloit College, though I think it's now been moved); quite apart from its other problems, it's so heavily tied to American pop culture that most of it made no sense to me even when I was closer in age to the students than to the professors. And I think I define my own history less in terms of things lots of people know about than in terms of things I've done; if someone says "I wasn't born when 9/11 happened", well, that doesn't disconcert me, any more than someone saying "I wasn't born when the Apollo-Soyuz linkup happened" (one of the first public events I remember) or "I don't remember Torrey Canyon" (before I was born). And if you don't know me I can't reasonably expect you to remember that year when I was working for Demon, so it doesn't throw me if you weren't born at the time.

Traditionally one is supposed to become more right-wing as one gets older. I find myself getting more left-wing. Always out of tune with the times…

Though I am still keeping up with popular music. Well, the good stuff, obviously; my tastes are wide but have rarely been Top 40. Jill Tracy, Týr, Stars Crusaders, Sabaton, Sigur Rós, have all brought out good material this decade…

I continue to feel, as I have for some years, that unless I want to sleep with you it's none of my business what sort of wibbly bits you have or where you like to put them. And if I decide I do want to sleep with you and you turn out not to have the sort of wibbly bits I like, eh, so it goes. None of this is a threat to me, or to anything I care about.

For me this sort of thing is made much easier by my not being at all religious, but I know people for whom religion clearly works to help them live good lives. Fair enough. (Surely not coincidentally, these are usually the ones who don't try to force it on others.)

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  1. Posted by Chris Suslowicz at 10:31am on 06 October 2019

    Hippo Bathday! (Cue loud scrubbing noises and a small tsunami of foam.)

    I don't know that people are supposed to get more right wing as they get older, maybe less tolerant (or more outspoken) - I've certainly shifted to the left and become a lot less tolerant of racists and bigots over the years (to the point of thinking that most of the current government should be in jail as a danger to the public and the peace).

    I don't think I've ever liked 'popular' music, ah well my "this is good, buy it" taste has always been a bit narrow.

    Have a great day, and best wishes for the future.

    (I'm looking forward to clearing the mortgage next year, then I can think seriously about retiring.)

  2. Posted by Michael Cule at 11:34am on 06 October 2019

    Happy Birthday!

    I will not mock at your feelings of age (just quietly murmur 'You ain't seen nothin' yet') but I do wonder if your beard is going to go the full Z-Z-Top route.

  3. Posted by Dr Bob at 03:39pm on 06 October 2019

    Congratulations on being Old.

  4. Posted by David Malcolm at 07:02pm on 06 October 2019

    Happy birthday!

  5. Posted by RogerBW at 07:52pm on 06 October 2019

    I've certainly got more cynical. Some of this is simply that I've heard the exact same lies before, last time round…

  6. Posted by Robert at 03:30pm on 07 October 2019

    Many happy returns!.

  7. Posted by Nick Marsh at 09:21pm on 07 October 2019

    Belated happy birthday! Long may your wibbly bits remain attached.

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