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June 2020 Trailers 01 July 2020

Some trailers I've seen recently, and my thoughts on them. (Links are to youtube. Opinions are thoroughly personal. Calibration: a pastime for helots, a diversion for uneducated, wretched, worn-out creatures who are consumed by their worries, … a spectacle which requires no concentration and presupposes no intelligence,… which kindles no light in the heart and awakens no hope other than the ridiculous one of someday becoming a "star" in Los Angeles…)

You Should Have Left: the trailer wants me to think this is Generic Horror Film. I want to know how it is different. This is a basic clash of objectives. Still, there is apparently an audience for generic horror.

Bill & Ted Face the Music Teaser: there is no end to the desire of middle-aged men to recapture their youths. And I suppose this does less harm than a Porsche or a mistress.

7500: yeah, because the only role you can think of for a woman is to look pretty and be threatened in order to motivate a man.

Eurovision Song Contest - The Story of Fire Saga: one assumes that the song contest organisers must have given their consent to this. I hope they were paid a lot of money.

Train To Busan Presents - Peninsula: Could this be the Aliens to the original's Alien? (But it's also a heist movie and an underground fight movie and sometimes I love Korean film.)

The Nest (Teaser): more pretty white people problems. If there's anything more than that, eh, the trailer won't say. I was waiting for the zombies.

Most Wanted: crusading journalists, how quaint.

The Fight: I suppose it's helpful to let people know what happens. But I find this sort of film tremendously dispiriting.

Palm Springs: those who do not understand Groundhog Day are condemned to repeat it? Might have something to say, but it seems unlikely.

Hamilton: since the entire world and their pet ferrets are more familiar with this than I am, all the trailer needs to do is point out that it's a film of the popular thing. Well, and it's doing it in a "stagey" style rather than filming it against more realistic backdrops, so fair enough.

The Broken Hearts Gallery: looks all right but it's coming down right in the middle of the "generic romcom" landing pad.

Capital in the 21st Century: but I'd rather read the book.

Ava: why do they always fail this way? Why not just have a retirement plan for your stone cold combat chick? Pretty cast but we've seen it all before.

Waiting for the Barbarians: great visuals, but Depp is cranking up the Depp-o-matic to play his usual role.

Animal Crackers: no, of course it's nothing to do with the Marx Brothers film; don't you know this is a licenced property? Why not make a film based on a snack food? It's probably got more plot than Battleship. And my word that animation looks cheap, so it'll probably be very profitable. (With a side message that using animals for entertainment is just fine, they like it really.)

Greenland: yeah, maybe it's the complete rubbishness of the last Gerard Butler film I saw, but I really can't take this seriously.

Respect (Teaser): doesn't say anything to me, but I can see how it might say things to other people.

  1. Posted by Ashley R Pollard at 08:11pm on 01 July 2020

    Your Most Wanted link is broken.

  2. Posted by RogerBW at 09:32pm on 01 July 2020

    Thanks. I write these when I see the things, and for some reason film companies often seem to withdraw the later.

  3. Posted by Michael Cule at 10:29pm on 01 July 2020

    I shall not be watching BILL AND TED FACE THE MUSIC.

    That is all.

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