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Milk is the new sprouts 16 July 2020

Haven't you heard? Masks are last month's thing.

On 14 July, no masks were to be seen in my local Lidl or Aldi. About half the Morrison's customers were masked; none of the staff.

Even if you believe the government, it was only ten days until face covering would become compulsory. Did they think the virus was waiting until then?

Everyone was amazed when I tried to keep a sensible distance. Some of them appeared to be unfamiliar with the concept. Well, that was months ago wasn't it?

And Lidl had run out of full milk – not just the usual stuff, but the terribly expensive organic from named individual cows too. Skimmed and semi-skimmed only. That seemed to be just them, though; other shops had plenty.

  1. Posted by Chris Suslowicz at 01:05am on 17 July 2020

    F***ing eedjits.

    Latest thing from CDC (no, not the Crap Deck/Disk Corporation, the other one) is that SARS/COVID-19 once aerosolised, is stable and infective for up to 16 hours, so aerosol transmission is a real hazard.

    Wear your masks, wash hands regularly, and self-isolate wherever possible (if not, maintain a safe distance.

    And remember: Stay Alert, Trust No-one, Keep Your Laser Handy.

    This has (mostly) been a Public Service Announcement.

    Sheesh! (Also: Furrfu!)


  2. Posted by Chris Bell at 09:52am on 17 July 2020

    Yesterday all the staff of the Chinese supermarket in Reading were wearing face-masks, and about half the customers. About seven in ten of the customers at Makro Reading were wearing masks, but none of the staff; instead, those had tee-shirts saying "observe social distancing" on the back, which I feel would be no use whatever in preventing any virus except perhaps if you wore them doubled across your mouth and nose.

    But I would like to know why Reading Makro is so much more mask-aware than Booker High Wycombe, the same company dashitall.

    I admit I shouted "DISTANCE!" at high volume at the man who pushed past me to get at a shelf on the other side of me, literally barging me out of his high-and-mighty way. I hope I hurt his ear-drums: he was about six inches away from me at the time. He only backed off when a couple of other customers approached looking belligerent, and I'm glad for his sake that he did: one can do someone serious damage with a high-velocity trolley, and I was not pleased with him.

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