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An old joke, updated 27 August 2021

So there was an old man who was known for his faith in God. Always ready to help out a neighbour, and just generally a nice guy.

And then the disease came. And his neighbours said, please don't go to church and sing, because it seems to be spreading the disease faster than anything else. And he said, no, no, you can't stop me from worshipping; the Lord will provide.

And more people caught the disease. And his neighbours said, we're all wearing masks so that we don't infect you. Would you do the same for us? And he said, no, no, you can't take away my freedom to go without a mask; the Lord will provide.

And things got worse again, but the doctors said, here's a vaccine, developed in record time; it's not perfect, but it'll help a lot if you do get infected. And he said, no, no, you won't put that foreign substance into my body; the Lord will provide.

And then he got the disease. And then he went on the ventilator to keep him going a few more days. And then he died.

And he went to heaven, of course. And he said, Lord, didn't I keep your ways? Didn't I love my neighbour? Why didn't you provide for me in my hour of need?

And the Lord said to him: yes, something must have gone wrong here; I can't understand it. I mean, I sent you isolation, and I sent you masks, and I sent you vaccines…

  1. Posted by Dr Bob at 07:43pm on 27 August 2021

    My nephew and a bunch of his 20-something mates have Covid because they forgot to get vaccinated. Not didn't want to get vaccinated. Not don't believe in vaccines. Not were never offered a vaccine. No, they simply kept going 'Oh yeah I ought to book that... I'll do it tomorrow.' [Sound of me banging head on wall].

  2. Posted by RogerBW at 07:45pm on 27 August 2021

    I was checking the NHS site every few days to see if the age gate would let me book yet. But then, I'm an ex-failed-medic with a technical if outdated understanding of epidemiology…

  3. Posted by Owen Smith at 02:58am on 28 August 2021

    I wasn't waiting for an age gate as I qualify as having an underlying condition. My first dose was arranged when my GP texted me. But when it got to 9 weeks after and I'd heard nothing I rang my GP and they said "we have no further Pfizer clinics, it could be months" so I rang my parents (where I was staying) GP. They worked really hard to get me into their last Pfizer clinic, getting another surgery to relinquish an unallocated dose. Two weeks later my GP rang to offer me a booking, so much for having no further clinics and could be months. I continue to be underwhelmed by my GP.

    I got a pneumococcal vaccine this morning, my underlying condition qualifies me. It has done for 3 years since I was properly diagnosed at Addenbrokes, but did anyone tell me? No, I found out myself while reading the vaccine schedules trying to work out when I'd qualify for a covid vaccine. "Oh yes, you have a flag that says you can have that, I don't have to ask a GP" said the receptionist when I called to book it for this autumn. When I asked why I hadn't been told when the flag went onto my records so I could have had it immediately she said "Oh we don't do that". I despair, the entire point of vaccines is to give them to people!

  4. Posted by Chris Suslowicz at 11:39am on 28 August 2021

    I'm now wondering when (if?) booster shots will be available, since it's getting on for six months since I had my second dose and there is supposedly a fall-off in protection over time.

    I was offered the pneumococcal vaccine at my last GP (telephone) appointment and took them up on that (I was going in anyway as they wanted a blood sample), and now the local pharmacy has offered me the annual Flu shot!

    I'm rather more concerned about COVID, though, and am continuing to wear an FFP3 mask when out and about - said trips being kept to a minimum and contact limited to a similarly restricted set of people where possible.

    It's not paranoia if Ye Pestilence really is out to get you. :-)

    (Regular shaving for a proper mask fit is a real chore, though. I miss that beard.)


  5. Posted by RogerBW at 11:43am on 28 August 2021

    I note that France ("full of antivaxers, har har har") now has a higher percentage of its population fully COVID-vaccinated than the UK.

    I'm still thinking about Essen in October, but I'm not at all hopeful.

    Listen, and understand! That virus is out there! It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop… ever, until you are dead.

  6. Posted by Chris Suslowicz at 11:52am on 28 August 2021

    Ah yes, Harry Payne's splendid Terminator tweet. I still retweet that one on an irregular basis when the covidiots start getting annoying.

    France also has an advantage that their population is less dense (in both senses) than that of the UK.

  7. Posted by John P at 11:04pm on 28 August 2021

    St. Peter hears someone arrive at the pearly gates. "Who's there?" he calls out. "It is I." comes the reply. "Get lost," calls St. Peter, "we've got enough English teachers up here already!"

  8. Posted by Owen Smith at 11:26pm on 28 August 2021

    France's covid vaccination rate was terrible. And then Macron for once did something sensible, he mandated covid passports for doing almost anything eg. entering a bar, restaurant, museum, long distance train, flying, working in healthcare, and a bunch of other things. There was a lot of grumbling, but France's vaccination rate multiplied by 5 almost overnight. Yes you don't have to be covid vaccinated in France, but if you're not you're not going anywhere or doing anything.

    We should do the same. But Boris and the tories are too obsessed with people's freedoms, apparently, or maybe there is some bizarre other torie reason I don't understand. Certainly a lot of backbench stupid torie MPs are absolutely against any requirement for covid passes in general, although we are very slowly managing to mandate them for some things,

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