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X-Wing at Wycombe Warband, January 2015 16 January 2015

Yesterday was the weekly meeting of Wycombe Warband, at the NFTS in Beaconsfield; I went along to play some more X-Wing.

Neither of us had strong feelings about which side to play, so I ran an Imperial swarm, the Expendables:

Mauler Mithel / TIE Fighter
 Veteran Instincts
Howlrunner / TIE Fighter
Backstabber / TIE Fighter
Academy Pilot / TIE Fighter
Academy Pilot / TIE Fighter
Academy Pilot / TIE Fighter
Academy Pilot / TIE Fighter

versus a mildly-boosted Rebel force:

Wedge Antilles / X-Wing
Corran Horn / E-Wing
 Shield Upgrade
Horton Salm / Y-Wing
 Ion Cannon Turret

The E-wing has a neat trick: it can in effect bring some of its attacks forward, firing a second time at the end of the fire phase in return for not being able to fire at all on the next turn.

I tried to concentrate on the X-Wing first.

We approached a little too quickly, and did only minor damage.

I rapidly started messing up the formation, with lots of near-collisions and consequent loss of Evade markers.

However, even with Mauler Mithel briefly ionised, we started stacking up the hits, and the X-Wing went down. So did Howlrunner.

The Y-Wing was next to fall, followed by Backstabber. At which point, with five TIEs on the board, I started manoeuvreing a little more competently.

The E-Wing had done a stressful flip followed up by its double attack, which meant it was likely to make a gentle manoeuvre next turn, and we piled in on it.

Victory to me, which is always nice even if I do try to get enjoyment from playing the game rather than from winning. Thanks to Neil for the game. I'm finding the TIE swarm works pretty well so far, even when I mess up the spacing; I should fight against them a bit and see how that can be made to work. My watch-phrase is still "concentrated fire", just as it was when I played Battletech back in the day.

Other games going on were Saga (which was in a different room and I didn't see), quite a bit of Flames of War (both Soviet vs German, largely mechanised forces):

and the DBR (De Bellis Renationis) derivative Art de la Guerre, which looked quite complex in terms of allowable troop movements and re-conformations but seemed to be getting a lot of battle done in a small space and relatively short time:

  1. Posted by Michael Cule at 11:33am on 16 January 2015

    Ah, that's where they went!

    I've always wondered what happened to the wargamers who were in charge of the Wednesday night club when we role-gamers moved in and took over thirty years ago...

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