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The Artist 31 January 2023

2011 drama, dir. Michel Hazanavicius, Jean Dujardin, Bérénice Bejo; IMDb / allmovie. George Valentin is a star of the silver screen, but the talkies are coming…

Artifact Space, Miles Cameron 30 January 2023

2021 SF, first of a series. Marca Nbaro has committed various forms of fraud to get aboard one of the nine treading Greatships that link human worlds (and the enigmatic aliens). This turns out to be a very good thing.

The Weekly Challenge 201: Penny Numbers 29 January 2023

I’ve been doing the Weekly Challenges. The latest involved an array search and a mathematical classic. (Note that this is open until 29 January 2023.)

Stabcon 2023 28 January 2023 - 2 comments

Back to Stabcon! Stockport barely managed to rain on me at all this time.

Enough to Kill a Horse, Elizabeth Ferrars 27 January 2023

1955 murder mystery. Fanny Lynam throws a party to celebrate the engagement of her younger half-brother, and makes her special lobster patties. That will turn out to have been a mistake.

Casablanca 26 January 2023

1942 wartime romance and comedy, dir. Michael Curtiz, Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman: IMDb / [allmovie] As refugees from Nazi-occupied Europe collect in Casablanca on the way to Lisbon and freedom, everybody comes to Rick's Café Americain.

Can't Escape Love, Alyssa Cole 25 January 2023

2019 romance novella, in the Reluctant Royals series. Regina Hobbs was always the "good" daughter in her parents' eyes, and having to use a wheelchair hasn't changed that, but she has built things on her own too…

Multiplied Dice 24 January 2023 - 5 comments

Here's a core game mechanic with no game wrapped round it. It might be useful for someone, or I may use it myself some day. Have fun.

Lie Down With the Devil, Linda Barnes 23 January 2023

2008 thriller, twelfth and last in the Carlotta Carlyle series (neo-noir private investigation). Getting back into PI work after her absence at short notice, Carlotta takes on a prospective bride who wants the groom checked up on. But it's all much more complex than it looks.

The Weekly Challenge 200: Seven Slices 22 January 2023

I’ve been doing the Weekly Challenges. The latest involved array searching and an emulated seven-segment display. (Note that this is open until the end of today.)

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