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At Bertram's Hotel 27 June 2022

1995 audio adaptation by Michael Bakewell of Christie's 1965 mystery, in five 30-minute episodes.

License to Ensorcell, Katharine Kerr 26 June 2022

2010 urban fantasy. Nola O'Grady works for a government agency that doesn't exist, to preserve Harmony in the face of Order and Chaos. Back in her home town of San Francisco, she's looking into portents of doom. She tries to keep this separate from her family, but, well, many of them have magic talents too…

Intercalary Games in June 25 June 2022

We went out scouting for a pub for the local Meetup group, and found one: and it's a McMullen house, which means the AK mild is a regular thing.

The Sea Rover's Practice, Benerson Little 24 June 2022

2005 non-fiction. Using mostly primary sources, the author attempts to determine just what pirates, privateers, and other ne'er-do-wells of the sea got up to in the Golden Age of Piracy.

The Weekly Challenge 170: Kronecker's Primorial 23 June 2022

I’ve been doing the Weekly Challenges. The latest involved primes and an unusual form of matrix multiplication. (Note that this is open until 26 June 2022.)

The Sinister Mystery of the Mesmerizing Girl, Theodora Goss 22 June 2022

2019 historical fantasy, third and probably last of its series. The various monstrous ladies – Mary Jekyll and Diana Hyde, Beatrice Rappacini, Catherine Moreau, Justine Frankenstein, and Lucinda Van Helsing – return from Budapest to find both Alice their housemaid and Sherlock Holmes missing.

Grosse Pointe Blank (1997) 21 June 2022 - 3 comments

1997 crime drama and romantic comedy, dir. George Armitage, John Cusack, Minnie Driver; IMDb / allmovie. What could go wrong with combining an assassination job with your high school reunion?

Forty Years of Murder, Keith Simpson 20 June 2022

1978 autobiography. Keith Simpson was one of the successors of Spilsbury, and one of the first people in England to turn forensic pathology from an act of drama into a science.

Way of the Pouch 19 June 2022 - 9 comments

I've changed the way I carry things around with me, to a flexible system for attaching pouches.

Crush the King, Jennifer Estep 18 June 2022

2020 fantasy, last of its trilogy. Queen Everleigh Blair decides to take the fight to the enemy: the king of neighbouring Morta, who with his sister orchestrated the massacre that put her on the throne and continues to try to assassinate her.

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