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Yowamushi Pedal Grande Road 11 May 2015

2014, 24 episodes: AniDB

Sports. Onoda Sakamichi, cyclist with huge natural talent, continues his racing career. (Sequel to Yowamushi Pedal.)

Actually it would be fairer to say "continues to race". The first season ended just before the second day of the three-day Interhigh, and this one takes us just as far as the finish of that race, so the actual time portrayed per episode is significantly lower. There are still some training sequences, but they're given as short flashbacks, rather than being part of the main narrative. As before, we spend a fair bit of time with other riders, not just the members of the team but those in the other significant teams too; most of them are back, and there are a few new characters who didn't show up in the earlier days of the race.

Day three, we're told, is the really hard one, and plenty of characters drop out of the competition along the way. (Which doesn't necessarily mean they stop riding; Unexpected Comebacks are always a possibility.) As before, the psychology is the major point, with the eventual order of finishers determined by moral ascendancy and willpower more than anything else. There's plenty of incident (including a thoroughly implausible Grand Peloton), and the catharsis at the finish is well-earned.

There are still basically no female characters in anything like a significant role, and the overall arcs of the various characters are quite predictable, but the minimal characterisation still manages to hold some appeal, and if you enjoyed the first season this is certainly more of the same.

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