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Midnight Sun 08 July 2016

I've been on holiday again. With photographs: cc-by-sa on everything.

The track is incomplete because of power problems in the car, but this should give a rough idea of how things went: across Germany and Denmark, up Sweden along the coast of the Gulf of Bothnia, into northern Finland, then back south to Helsinki, ferry to Stockholm, across Sweden and home.

Incidentally, everywhere we stopped had Internet access, but all of it was IPv4 only. Peasants!

A technical note, because at least two of you will ask if I don't mention it: all these pictures were taken on either the Canon A1300 (four-digit ID numbers) or the Lumix GF1 (seven-digit ID numbers starting with P). On the Lumix I was shooting raw, and these have had only default processing, thus the occasional curved black edges.

On the ferry from Frederikshavn to Göteborg, a display included this unusual format for navigation buoys.

A really good Swedish beer, a mild smoked lager, which you cannot have because the brewery (near Söderhamn) doesn't make enough of the stuff to make it worth getting it onto the Monopoly. I would have bought a crate had it been available…

Sudden waterwheels make Roger jump. Locomotives, too.

View from the hotel above the Höga Kusten Bridge.

Toy shop window in Luleå.

Furniture in the hotel room in Luleå. We think it was meant to be a combination small table and magazine rack. Or they'd left it out in the sun.

As we went north through Finland, the road suddenly changed from tarmac to packed sand for about forty miles. Very dry, though: the rear window was completely obscured as we were driving, but just getting out of the car knocked most of it off.

Yes, of course reindeer casually wander across the main road to Inari.

Lots of reindeer.

In the Siida) museum at Inari, an exhibition about the designer Tapio Wirkkala, who spent much of his life in the area. This includes the logo he designed for the local volunteer fire brigade.

And a tea caddy. Because why not?

Main museum area: the natural life around the outside edge (arranged by the cycle of the year), and Sami activity in the middle. As far as I can tell, they've effectively steered a middle course between being completely assimilated and completely preserved in a primitive lifestyle: they still herd reindeer, but they're entirely happy to use snowmobiles rather than reindeer-sledges thank you very much.

Wolverine trap.

Bear trap. Much like the wolverine trap, but more so.

Tourist trap (rather further south, in a town that just happens to straddle the Arctic Circle).

On the ferry in Helsinki harbour; Orthodox cathedral and largely-unused Big Wheel.

In a café in Lund, the scare-jackdaw not doing its job.

"We transport things. We don't have windows. And we don't ask questions."

In the Elbtunnel in Hamburg. (Wildly under-exposed, but I rather liked the hypersaturation that resulted from pushing the image.)

Detached from its convoy, or a free-range carousel? We shall never know.

  1. Posted by Ashley R Pollard at 06:54pm on 08 July 2016

    Nice pictures from what looks like a holiday and a half.

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