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March 2019 Trailers 01 April 2019

Some trailers I've seen recently, and my thoughts on them. (Links are to youtube. Opinions are thoroughly personal. Calibration: There is nothing like just indignation for fostering unreasoning hate.)

Aniara: oh, the writer saw some SF once, and he's probably read a third-hand copy of The Cold Equations. This looks really bad.

Midsommar (Teaser): interestingly shot but it looks a bit generically culty.

Amazing Grace: if the camera's that shaky all through, no wonder it's never been released.

Master Z - The Ip Man Legacy: the wirework's good, but I've seen a lot of good wirework. And?

Someone Great: may speak more to people who aren't me.

Late Night: poor Emma Thompson. Poor Mindy Kaling. Wait, she actually wrote this?

The Art of Self-Defense: pathetic broken person meets pathetic differently-broken people. It doesn't help that Jesse Eisenberg's face is one I don't like looking at.

Booksmart (Red Band): I like the basic setup but the comedy gets all over everything.

Good Boys (Red Band): there is not one thing here that I want to see.

The Brink: we know what he does. Will we find out why he does it?

Aladdin: well, at least he doesn't look like a European. Still, this is basically just another pointless Disney retread.

Body At Brighton Rock: so her phone doesn't have a GPS receiver? And her radio doesn't either? (OK, it's a pretty old radio.) She's out in the open, ought to have plenty of signal. Quibbles aside, the setup seems interesting, and if our heroine looks like a bit of a wimp here she'll clearly have to overcome that later in the film.

Lucy In The Sky (Teaser): Mission plus lots of flashbacks? But this is apparently set during the Shuttle/ISS era and I worry that it may be a fictionalised version of Lisa Nowak, which would be dull.

Toy Story 4: some interesting ideas, but mostly I'm impressed that it's not more of the same.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: people who like Tarantino will probably like this, but it seems remarkably self-indulgent.

Dora and the Lost City of Gold: I don't know the animated series, but this looks like Tomb Raider-lite meets generic comedy.

The Angry Birds Movie 2: I'm sure this will appeal to someone.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (Teaser): presumably to the intended audience the 1950s setting is supposed to make them feel nostalgic and comfortable; to me it's just meh, another town dressed up as the fifties. Which doesn't put me in a great mood for generic-looking horror spackle.

Annabelle Comes Home: no doubt the sort of film which will appeal hugely to people other than me. (I regard the Warrens as scammers who take shameless advantage of the gullible and desperate, so I can't feel positive about a film that celebrates them.) The CGI yellow-to-blue light effect is nice, I guess.

  1. Posted by Dr Bob at 02:34pm on 01 April 2019

    Er... so the moral of the Lucy in the Sky trailer appears to be: "Don't let teh wimminz go into space - it'll destroy their feeble little lady minds".

  2. Posted by RogerBW at 04:51pm on 01 April 2019

    Well, I mean, obviously there must be something about lower-dose cosmic radiation that affects women's minds more than men's, because otherwise the Mercury astronauts would have been selected for G-tolerance and low tendency to do macho crap, rather than for useless test pilot experience.

  3. Posted by Owen Smith at 09:45pm on 01 April 2019

    I take it you are aware a group of women pestered NASA until they put them through astronaut training around the time of Project Mercury. Some of them did as well as the selected male astronauts. Unfortunately NASA's criteria at the time said astronauts must have fast jet test pilot experience, and since all women were excluded from such occupations they stood no chance.

    The Soviets were no better. Tereshkova was a publicity stunt, though she was properly trained and qualified. There was a proposed all female Soyuz mission quite early in the life of Soyuz, again as a publicity stunt. All the female cosmonaut training was completed but the mission never flew.

    I was stunned to see that recently the Americans had the 12th female spacewalker. Stunned in that I didn't realise it was that low.

  4. Posted by RogerBW at 12:09am on 02 April 2019

    Yes, that was the specific incident to which I was making the reference.

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