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Reading Gamers, 30 June 2019 04 July 2019

I used to go to the Reading Boardgames Social quite a bit, but they went silent. I recently learned that they'd moved to Facebook and now Meetup, and went along to a Sunday afternoon meeting at the Greyfriar in Reading.

We started with Second Chance, a new card-and-write which seemed to overcome the lack of meaningful choices in many roll-and-write games: you're filling in squares on a grid, but you choose one of two shapes each turn. A slight inclarity in the rules explanation didn't help, but it was enjoyable even so.

We tried Die Kutschfahrt zur Teufelsburg next; this dragged a little with eight, and I need to write a clearer rules document so that I can explain it better, but people got the hang of what was going on.

The groups split, and five of us played a couple of games of Parade (the early edition I got in a BGG trade). That stretched us in the right sort of way.

For a change of pace, Blame Space… and with four players, I came second with zero blame. (But the other guy had a smaller hand, so he won.) This is a game with obvious flaws, but I'm starting to think that that's better than hidden flaws.

Finally, Iota, at which I did remarkably badly. Too hot, or something.

It's a good bunch of people, and while I don't have all that many free weekends I may go along from time to time in future.

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