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October 2019 Trailers 01 November 2019

Some trailers I've seen recently, and my thoughts on them. (Links are to youtube. Opinions are thoroughly personal. Calibration: There is nothing like just indignation for fostering unreasoning hate.)

6 Underground: Bay does cool vigilantes, apparently. And it's not a sequel. But it's stil Bay; I prefer my action more about the people and less about the assault on the senses. (And less Ryan Reynolds-y.)

Birds of Prey: more picking over the rotting corpse of Batman from when it was still written by vaguely creative people. Meh.

The Gentlemen: nasty people do nasty things, but it's all terribly meta. And I don't care about any of them.

The Personal History of David Copperfield: Ianucci is at least having some fun with this stuff, which nobody else in this batch so far seems to be.

Richard Jewell: Clint Eastwood makes a film about a hopeless loser whom the media despised. Er, Clint, the difference is that you have poured out a torrent of hate to any camera that'll pay attention for the last decade, and Jewell was simply a police wannabe.

Earthquake Bird: once upon a time Ridley Scott's name was a recommendation, but then Alien: Covenant happened. And he's only a producer on this anyway. But I see a lot of Asian exoticisation (slightly more forgivable in a novel from 1989 than in a film made thirty years later) and a very obvious plot.

The Turning: why are people still making this film? For people who want to watch it, isn't it cheaper to watch previous iterations of it? There's hardly a shortage.

Onward: I can see some slight sparks of life here, but mostly they've been smothered under the blanket of Generic Comedy.

Charlie's Angels (trailer 2): the attempts to modernise it just make it more obvious how much everything about this setup depends on showing off hot female bodies.

Jungle Cruise: maybe I'm just being wildly optimistic after some of the other rubbish this month, but this could be a gender-flipped Indiana Jones combined with The African Queen. But it's Disney, so probably not.

Dolittle: yes, all right, making a film of books is almost always a mistake; but really, if you want a generic action film with lots of CGI animals, why not just make one? (Especially since it's been done before, first relatively straight with Rex Harrison, then as comedy with Eddie Murphy.)

Bombshell: there's something to be said here about how working for a horrible organisation turns you horrible, but I don't think this film is going to say it.

The Report: I find Adam Driver's face too distracting to take him seriously as an actor. Also, where's the payoff? This shit is still going on. It's not because "people were scared", it's because sadists gonna sade if not actively prevented. That's what organisational rules and accountability are for.

Peter Rabbit 2 - The Runaway (Teaser): not content with the first desecration of a book that some few people actually still like, they've done it again.

Bloodshot: what, this story again? I liked it better when it was called Universal Soldier. A little more sophistication is welcome (the whole fake-revenge setup), but I'm really not convinced; and this doesn't look like a film in which Diesel can display his comic chops, which anyway aren't all that great compared with Statham or Johnson

Star Wars - The Rise of Skywalker Final: Great big meh. If you can put in one dead actor, why not use them all? But I think the biggest problem is that this is a Franchise, so whatever happens, there can't be a conclusion to the story; that's the one thing that can never be allowed. Even if this seems to bring the thing to an end, they're not going to stop making the films until people stop paying to see them.

Antlers: I suppose, but I don't see anything here to distinguish it from other horror films.

Little Joe: desperately insufficient isolation precautions, but hey. Nice work integrating the trailer graphics into the shots from the film. But again it falls back so easily on standard horror tropes.

The Aeronauts: still looks as though it may be quite enjoyable.

The Grudge: for film watchers who really don't like subtitles, dubs, or Korean people?

  1. Posted by Robert at 02:38pm on 01 November 2019

    I’m disappointed 6 Underground has nothing to do with the Sneaker Pimps and a low pace meditation on actual London Underground stations. The song doesn’t even appear in the trailer for goodness sake.

    Any indication if Knives Out may have improved from your earlier observation? Jess and I are considering that one for a date night as we’ve burned through all the masterpiece mystery we have DVR’d or similar items available on streaming. Early press on it is at least reasonably positive and Jamie Lee Curtis rarely disappoints.

  2. Posted by RogerBW at 02:50pm on 01 November 2019

    My main objection to the first Knives Out trailer was to the shoutiness, which is a personal preference more than a recommendation. I may well take a look at some point, though I've seen much better casts do much worse.

    (My alternative to watching an unenjoyable film is doing something entirely different, rather than watching another film, so if I end up watching nothing for a month or two I don't mind.)

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