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The Path of Cunning Issue 3 17 November 2020

The third issue of the GURPS fanzine The Path of Cunning is out.

This took longer than we'd hoped, as there have been one or two minor things going on since February when the last one came out. But we have Designer's Notes from Matt Riggsby, James P. Howard II, and me, and Anders Starmark contributed a flexible NPC writeup.

We have more of John's Infinite Cabal writeup, and I've contributed some notes on my current Monster Hunters campaign. (Why can't I run anything the way it's written?) I also wrote some notes on one of the more obscure real-world proposals for spaceborne weapons, and we collectively expanded the dogfighting system: this time we dealt with WWII naval aviation (including just how much deck you need to take off from a woodentop, and why you don't bomb ships from high altitude).

We're starting to get the hang of this. Clearly we should try something a bit more challenging next timeā€¦

The third issue may be downloaded (in PDF, which is the primary format as far as layout is concerned, and in ePUB, for convenience in case you want to read on a small screen) from the fanzine's site.

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  1. Posted by John P at 09:25pm on 17 November 2020

    Is it coincidence that Wikipedia featured the Casaba Howitzer on the "Did you know" section of the homepage a couple of days ago?

  2. Posted by RogerBW at 09:28pm on 17 November 2020

    Gosh. Yes, it is. I started thinking about a GURPS version when I read Project Orion a few years ago.

  3. Posted by John P at 09:41pm on 17 November 2020

    Also, you say you haven't read the Monster Hunters International book. If you want to, you can get a free copy from the Baen Free Library (

    Larry Correia is a gun nut and it shows. But it still has some fun ideas (I love what he's done with the Elves & Orcs) and there's plenty of action so it's worth a read. Especially since it's free.

  4. Posted by RogerBW at 09:50pm on 17 November 2020

    Thanks. The first I heard of Correia was his co-founding of the Sad Puppies to try to get nominations for one of his novels in this series (which was fair enough if rather gauche) and claiming that his stuff wasn't getting nominated because of a Vast Liberal Conspiracy (which doesn't lead me to think of him as a good person). So I have felt no great enthusiasm for tracking down his books. Still, I'll probably give the first one a try.

  5. Posted by John P at 10:08pm on 17 November 2020

    I don't know anything about all that, but apparently he's an accountant so that's a black mark against him! (grin) I've only read the first book and a short story that was in an anthology. I suspect that once you've read one, you've read them all though. Anyway, it's free and there are worse ways of spending your time.

  6. Posted by Ashley R Pollard at 01:30pm on 18 November 2020

    Well, I've met Larry, and he and his wife are nice people. They accepted me, which is a benchmark of sorts.

    Larry's problem was mostly down to naivete, but he had a point, if only 250 people vote for the novel category, how can it be said to be the best? Though personally, I tend to agree with Eric Flint's take on the Hugos and what they are worth.

    As to his writing. Larry's MHI series is probably not to everyone's taste, or at least not most of the readers of this blog. However, Hard Magic and the Son of the Black Sword mark Larry as a writer who can tackle other things than guns.

  7. Posted by David Pulver at 09:27pm on 21 November 2020

    I enjoyed the Casaba-Howitzer article - very clear and easy to use.

    I've enjoyed Larry's fiction, although those who don't support the current Downfall cosplay may wish to avoid his blog at the moment...

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