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November 2020 Trailers 01 December 2020

Some trailers I've seen recently, and my thoughts on them. (Links are to youtube. Opinions are thoroughly personal.)

Jiu Jitsu: looks like complete crap, but may be enjoyable complete crap.

Happiest Season: you mean they're still doing coming-out-to-the-parents? Still without a trace of originality?

Superintelligence: be afraid of technology, middle-aged audience. But not of the tech companies that are actually screwing you over, no, ignore them and be afraid of fantasy AI instead. Also fat women are funny.

Breach: I don't mind a mindless action film, but all this trailer says to me is "it's Alien, plus Aliens, plus Bruce Willis, plus zombies, all stuck in a blender". Which, weirdly, somehow fails to appeal.

Wild Mountain Thyme: with no obstacles between them, people will still find ways to make themselves and each other unhappy. (Also, welcome to Ireland, where the colour is so over-saturated we burned out the chroma processor.)

Ip Man - Kung Fu Master: now unlike Breach this is doing cliché in a way that makes me think it might just possibly have something original to say as well as the product of the Plot-o-Matic – though the latter is definitely here.

Sister of the Groom: ha ha ha, let's all insult and degrade this woman.

Some Kind of Heaven: yeah yeah OK it's all strange and weird. We've seen strange and weird before. What does it have to say?

Castle Freak: no doubt will appeal to people other than me. A bit too heavy on the screaming and the expendable meat for my taste.

Pieces of a Woman: because nobody has ever lost a Baybee before.

Tom & Jerry: well, they got the animation to look vaguely like the originals. But I don't think I've seen an animation/human combination that worked since Who Framed Roger Rabbit which put the essential disconnection into the foreground of the story, and with the amount of money behind this I'll be amazed if it does anything other than play it very safe. And hiring Ken Jeong is never a good sign.

Born A Champion: sports movie / daddy movie. Woman stands there and looks Adoring. Woo.

Let Them All Talk: standard Soderbergh people do standard Soderbergh things.

One Night in Miami: it's great that there are now lots of films about this time and place. But it does mean that you have to answer the question of why this is more worth my time than the others.

Chaos Walking: very prettily made but the characters and plot seem so very much the same as everything I've seen before.

Wonder Woman 1984: now that there's a trailer which is more than "gosh, we can make a film look like the 1980s" this starts to seem vaguely worth paying some attention to.

Life in a Year: manic pixie dying girl. And Jaden Smith.

  1. Posted by Dr Bob at 07:25pm on 01 December 2020

    I twigged about halfway thru the Chaos Walking trailer that it is based on The Knife of Never Letting Go. Except that the kids are about 5 to 10 years older than they are in the book. The first novel I really enjoyed. The others had too much of people doing stupid things and/or believing untrustworthy lying bastards more than once and/or forgetting to pass on vital information to their Twu Wuv. Because. Reasons.

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