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Princess Charlotte General Knowledge Paper 2020 11 December 2020

In the spirit of the King William's College General Knowledge Paper, released each December for completion over the Christmas break, I offer my own quiz for the holidays.

While you are welcome to answer these questions from your own knowledge, it is intended that you may use any means of research available to you. Each section of ten questions has a theme or connection.

You do not get a bonus mark for knowing which Princess Charlotte, because only about six people have any chance of working it out.

There is no prize. Please don't post answers here, to avoid spoilers for other quizzers. I shall release them in January.

1. In 1920:

  1. Which organisation came after crabfat?
  2. After White followed Red and Charles was found unacceptable, who was persuaded to take the job?
  3. Which Irishman wasn't allowed into Ireland, and ended up in Penzance?
  4. Which former royal mistress finally left her bed, which would later be used by a trifling woman?
  5. Which GCVO and great reformer uttered his last OMG?
  6. Who died, having never been paid for his last two eggs?
  7. Who gave the team their first chance to win one for him?
  8. Which pioneer of plasma cosmology was recognised for something else?
  9. Where did the metre start to replace the standard, though it would take nine years?
  10. Which Commodore's grandson died in Paris?


  1. What term did a salesman come to recognise as outdated, though not actually incorrect?
  2. Where did four from the Dominion fight together for the first time, winning four of the highest?
  3. In what may have been the first of its kind in 1902, where did Jeff come from?
  4. Whose Hessians were later upgraded by Hutchinson?
  5. Of what was Beaumont the first in England?
  6. Who were the three-score northerners who talked about God in everyone?
  7. What ran on Orpheus and nearly killed the hamster?
  8. Which gem went into decline after being bypassed in 1914?
  9. Where did Edward feel imprisoned, with no galleries or gardens?
  10. What was cancelled in 2004 when the Danes gave up on the whole idea, but might still eventually lead to the A26?


  1. Which ship's ironmonger branched out to get a monopoly with the Post Office, and even supplied /the/ woman?
  2. In the title of which work by a biographer of Donne might the hunter be mistaken for the prey?
  3. The drummer always claims the drums hold the band together. Which instrument does everyone else think does the job?
  4. An Albanian hastiness, an Irish attack, a Kurdish leg, a Scottish heather…
  5. Which vessel surfaced where two separate /Nautilus/ had failed?
  6. Who was psychoanalysed by Freud and Lacan, and found to be Oedipal, psychopathic, narcissistic and psychotic?
  7. What got into English twice to mean the same thing, once from Guangzhou and once from further north?
  8. The Macedonians originated it, the Swiss brought it to perfection, but it was nearly gone by Napoleon's time.
  9. What indicates a position between the crescent and the martlet?
  10. What did its best to kill Simon le Bon and, a few years later, HMS Otus?


  1. Whose painting hung near an Austrian bronze?
  2. Whose was the feline from the English principality?
  3. Who came after Lady Bo?
  4. What would result from the addition of salt, pepper, butter, egg yolk and nutmeg to the base material?
  5. What four-seat twin first flew in September 1974?
  6. What were Coronations number 6 to 15?
  7. What starts with four fans, four foundations, and then simply four?
  8. What exploded after hitting a battleship near the Mull of Kintyre?
  9. Who was the first of her kind in the thirty-first?
  10. What was deemed blasphemous because of the band's costumes?

5. Who…

  1. pioneered chain, on ships and in bridges?
  2. built a thermo-electric paragon?
  3. was out for ten in his one match, in the days before Titania and Cyclops?
  4. built a gun-raft and sounded the death knell for the broadside?
  5. was so shocked by his wartime experience that he dedicated his life to dietary education?
  6. reinvented the chain pump to the point that it was useful, as well as a storm sail?
  7. nearly invented a steam car, but ended his life chasing the Illuminati?
  8. set a record in 1982 unbroken until 2005, probably helped by his pram full of bricks?
  9. built a triplane years before the Wright Brothers, but died before he could fly it?
  10. helped invade Sicily and Elba, in between pretending to be a Flight Lieutenant?

6. What…

  1. is named properly for the monarch, but more usually for its contents?
  2. was the site of a fire so big it needed diagonally split credits?
  3. is the sole remnant of a capital city, rather more solid than it sounds?
  4. associated since its construction with scams and hustle, has been foreclosed multiple times, seized from Ferdinand Marcos, struck by an aircraft, and renamed after its owner?
  5. saw the execution of an abbot, was excised from the 2012 Olympics, and is now a site of Goddess-worship?
  6. replaced the television link betweeen London and Birmingham, and has displayed one of the world's largest bootloader errors?
  7. required the destruction of Islamic historical sites by the bin Ladens, and set records with its German clock?
  8. construction by Wren (at a distance) prefigured the Gothic Revival, and has tripled its self-titled burden?
  9. replaced a shipbuilding crane as the symbol of its city?
  10. was the site of a pyrotechnic illusion, concluded by a musical veronicelloidea?


  1. Who was cast off both by his family and by the 1st Foot?
  2. Who fought a jealous husband even though he saw the lady in a rather different light from what she believed?
  3. Whose collar-points and tie quite prevented him from moving his head?
  4. Who survived Waterloo only to be killed by a cart?
  5. Who led an innocent into five thousand pounds of debt?
  6. Whose family had no truck with Edward IV but always held by the /true/ line?
  7. Who was likened to the rockets' red glare, not to mention their unpredictability?
  8. Who was pining away for the Incomparable, at least according to his tailor?
  9. Who learned to play chess in order to be beaten – and won as a result?
  10. What was the one indiscretion that the retired devil would not tolerate?

8. In 2020:

  1. What, in the USA, was released for the first time since 1978?
  2. What might have had for the second time what it might have been having for the third, had not other events intervened on each occasion?
  3. Which former chancellor of the University of Stirling was no longer growing strong?
  4. What returned to the box after 35 years away?
  5. What was the first in the Arab world, after nine years?
  6. What made the first of two visits to Aphrodite's grotto on its way to somewhere else?
  7. What dropped from six to four in a week?
  8. What was seen passing through the West Midlands and the Peak District, for only the second time?
  9. Who was no longer going up up down down?
  10. Where was the Orange Line the first ever?
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