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November 2021 Trailers 01 December 2021

Some trailers I've seen recently, and my thoughts on them. (Links are to youtube. Opinions are thoroughly personal. Calibration: I hate most things.)

Moonfall (another teaser): starts to look a tiny bit more interesting. I mean, it's going to be crap because it's Emmerich (this looks like a remix of his greatest hits), but it might be enjoyable crap.

Morbius: if only they'd had the guts to make the film this promises to be for the first minute or so, rather than wrenching it into Standard Supervillain.

Citizen Ashe: racism bad. Maybe something more to say too? There does seem to be a bit of a dearth of footage of the guy talking

8-Bit Christmas: greed is good. I think this may be meant to be a comedy.

The Power of the Dog: even when he's playing a different character from his usual one, Cumberbatch remains instantly recognisable.

Fortress: Apparently Bruce only does one sort of film now. I mean, yeah, at least there's one grunty macho woman among all the grunty macho men, but she's still the one showing all the skin.

Being the Ricardos: for my taste, it feels very much like simplifying down a complex situation and set of personalities to fit into a standard cinematic plot complexity limit.

Silent Night: great cast, but why do we care about any of these people? (Perhaps I might watch Seeking a Friend for the End of the World again instead.)

Downton Abbey - A New Era (Teaser): if you have seen and loved the series and the film, here is more of that stuff you love. If you aren't already a fan, presumably you aren't expected to start here.

Don't Look Up: it's been done before, and oh dear diCaprio makes me wonder here why anyone ever found him compelling.

National Champions: maybe people who find sportsball interesting will enjoy this. But the only question for me here is how the big money will win, or whether the thing will depart entirely from reality. Still, these snippets of performances impress me.

American Underdog: …and at least it's not this mess of fatherhood-sentimentality.

Dog: ha ha ha ha ha. Ha.

Encounter: hmm, maybe? Ahmed can be solid, if he has something to work with.

The Outfit: doesn't hugely appeal, but it might work, if Rylance and Deutch can carry it in the face of all these stereotyped background characters.

Turning Red: looks fractionally better than it did, but still basically kidvid.

Marry Me: it's all a bit wish-fulfillment fantasy… Lopez is up to this, but I'm not at all sure Wilson can do it. (I've actually read and enjoyed the original comic.)

Nightmare Alley: a very synthetic and distancing look. And "creepy carnival" doesn't resonate for me the way it does for many people. I mean, there might be fun to be had here, but it'll be hard work getting to it.

DC League of Super-Pets: probably enjoyable if you already like that sort of basic comedy.

Jurassic World - Dominion - The Prologue: This is the best you can do with all the budget in the world? There's no sense of mass to any of these creatures. Ray Harryhausen did a better job over fifty years ago! (Also they're so worried about audience reaction they got the leading man to tweet "you won't be disappointed".)

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