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Answers for the Princess Charlotte General Knowledge Paper 2021 26 January 2022

Here are the answers to last year's quiz.

1. In 1921:

  1. Which violence caused the daughter of the innkeeper and corset-salesman to suffer a revulsion of feeling? [Kronstadt Rebellion; Emma Goldman]
  2. Which less-rapey adaptation of a novel secured the reputation of the former taxi-dancer? [The Sheik; Rudolph Valentino]
  3. Where did an assortment of confectioners give away their wares, helped by Arab Death? [Cleveland Ohio; first Sweetest Day; Theda Bara]
  4. Who created the first child star while making another first of his own? [Charlie Chaplin; The Kid]
  5. Which future screwball appeared for the first time – uniquely, under her real name? [Carole Lombard as Jane Peters; The Perfect Crime]
  6. What, in Britain, set the stage for 120 to become 4 (plus some scraps)? [Railways Act 1921]
  7. What Southern territory lasted for a rather shorter time than its Northern neighbour? [Southern Ireland]
  8. What 3-inch piece of paper was introduced, to be used for the next 93 years? [Car tax disc]
  9. What activity was limited to only registered practitioners? [Dentistry; Dentists Act 1921]
  10. How did a new charity cause people to remember what many of them wished to forget? [First sales of Remembrance Poppies for Armistice Day]

2. In 1971:

  1. What officially opened in Egypt, to this day the largest of its type? [Aswan High Dam; largest embankment dam]
  2. What first crossed the Atlantic, while its competitor was being cancelled? [Concorde]
  3. Which former boxing champion, rugby forward, and fan of The Missioners started his caretaker régime? [Idi Amin; Hayes F. C.]
  4. What rodent-related television programme was first aired? [Die Sendung mit der Maus]
  5. Who took a flight from Seattle to Mexico City, but left early? [Dan ("D. B.") Cooper]
  6. What pestilence reached Australia in spite of legislators' best efforts? [McDonald's]
  7. What natural blonde was found to have been artifially enhanced? [Deepdene diamond]
  8. Where did a new hippie squatter community (that survives to this day) quickly become the place to get cannabis in the capital city? [Christiania, København]
  9. Where was the sailor the first to (almost) make landfall? [Mars orbit; Mariner 9]
  10. Where did a future bat ecology expert uniquely survive that falling feeling? [Over Peru near Pucallpa; LANSA Flight 508; Juliana Koepcke]

3. [Murderers]

  1. Where was the man who shouldn't have slaked his lime caught? [SS Montrose in the Lawrence River; Hawley Harvey Crippen]
  2. What place turned out, during construction, to have a site both more appropriate for its purpose and more embarrassing than had been supposed? [New Scotland Yard, Victoria Embankment]
  3. Where did someone have to die to allow two friends to stay together and continue to enter the Fourth World? [Christchurch, New Zealand; Parker-Hulme murder case]
  4. What piece of software lost much of its credibility after the Russian doctor's body was found? [ReiserFS; Hans Reiser]
  5. Who was caught on the basis of experiments with lady divers? [George Joseph Smith, "brides in the bath"]
  6. Where did the journalist die of carbon monoxide poisoning, or stabbing? [in the Nautilus 3 submarine off København; Kim Wall; killed by Peter Madsen]
  7. Where was a man convicted of murder for lending his car to a friend? [Pensacola FL; Ryan Holle]
  8. When was the term "serial killer" first used? [1971, by FBI Special Agent Robert Ressler]
  9. What first did the tailor commit on the banker in 1864? [First murder on a British train; Franz Müller against Thomas Briggs]
  10. Which murder inspired several novels, including one co-written by the co-creator of Lady Sara, one by the former postulant from Sussex who lived in Devon, and perhaps (though nobody can be sure) Finnegan's Wake? [Edith Thompson and Frederick Bywater; The Documents in the Case, Messalina of the Suburbs]

4. In 2021:

  1. Which US state was the 23rd to abolish capital punishment? [Virginia, March 2021]
  2. Which gastronomic pioneer of the urchin was no longer available for comment? [Albert Roux]
  3. Who ran from Belarus, to Japan, to Poland? [Krystsina Tsimanouskaya, Olympic sprinter]
  4. What happened for the first time in Mecca? [Women were allowed to take part in the hajj without a male guardian, as long as they were in a "trustworthy group"]
  5. What new sporting competition was announced before the broadcast rights had been sold, and folded after three days? [European Super League]
  6. What legacy of Thomas Midgley was announced as having been phased out throughout the world? [Leaded petrol]
  7. Which forty-year-old divine spear ended its flight 850m down? [KRI Nanggala (402), submarine of the Indonesian Navy]
  8. Where did Bitcoin become "legal tender" (and promptly fail to work, of course)? [El Salvador]
  9. Who was captured after ten years of searching, more than a hundred warrants, and millions of dollars of offered rewards? [Dario Antonio Úsuga David, leader of the Gulf Clan]
  10. Who won by telling people to shut up and behave? [Måneskin, in the Eurovision Song Contest; Zitti e buoni]
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  1. Posted by Owen Smith at 01:48pm on 26 January 2022

    Leaded petrol is not gone completely. Avgas still contains some lead, it's just too hard to get all the internal combustion light aircraft engines in the world converted to run safely without lead. Even if you could physically do it, re-certifying all the different engine models for flight would take forever.

  2. Posted by Chris at 12:48pm on 27 January 2022

    The answer nevertheless remains correct, because that it was indeed announced that it had been phased out throughout the world, whether that announcement was completely accurate or not.

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