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January 2022 Trailers 01 February 2022

Some trailers I've seen recently, and my thoughts on them. (Links are to youtube. Opinions are thoroughly personal. Calibration: I want a trailer to tell me what's different about this film; the marketers want it to tell me why it's like all the others..)

Blacklight: grunty Liam doesn't do that any more, until he does. Conspiracy meh.

The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild: number six is not the right place to enter this series. Or maybe it's just my allergy to shots where the only dialogue is people saying "whoooooah" as though they were on an amusement park ride.

A Taste of Hunger: is this going to be a study of the harms of obsession, or just pretty white people problems in Danish?

Uncharted: …that one scene that was in the proper trailer. Yeah, worth it. Now I don't need to watch the rest of the film.

Moonfall: still looks like enjoyable crap. Maybe it will be.

The Tragedy of Macbeth: good actors, and not too much fscking about with the script. Yeah, this could work.

jackass forever: whereas this shows you exactly what's coming and thus saves me any risk of spending more time, or money, on it. This goes on forever, and MythBusters doesn't.

Death on the Nile: yes, they're clearly going to a lot of trouble to make it look pretty. I tend to feel that this story doesn't really deserve it, but hey.

Kimi: well, at least it's apparently not "the scary AI is out to get you", which I suppose is something.

Studio 666: given that it's obvious rubbish, is it entertaining obvious rubbish? Maybe.

The Bob's Burgers Movie: presumably fans of the series already know what they're getting, and indeed like the characters. Meh. But since I have no sense of humour…

Indemnity: it may be all in Foreign, but my word it seems like just another Good Guy who has really good reasons for getting profoundly violent.

Stomp The Yard: well, not aimed at me, but it looks a lot like a lot of other "outsider works to get accepted" films.

Hatching: I hate these people even before random harmless crow. So I'm already on Team Crow/Hellbeast.

X: more lust in the dust? With a smidgen of horror. Meh.

Against the Ice: I like it. It has an oddly modern look to it, but it's not just a remount of Scott or Amundsen, and that's a great bonus.

Last Looks: manly men have women falling all over them. Eh, just not my style.

Gasoline Alley: well, that's a relief, it's nothing to do with the 1918 comic strip (still running). Just another of this slew of Bruce Willis films he seems to be doing all of a sudden, but at least it's got a slightly different look from all the others.

Jockey: the generations turn, and you don't want to turn with them, but lucky you, you get to do it anyway. Might work if the actors can pull it off.

The Fallout: yes, post-traumatic stress is a thing, but what we see here looks like 70% generic teenage movie spackle and 30% about post-traumatic stress. (Maybe a double bill with Heathers?)

The Sky is Everywhere: it seems as though it has one interesting thing to say and is going to make absolutely sure you get it.

Pinocchio (Teaser): remember when del Toro was a name to conjure with?

Death of a Telemarketer: not much of a trailer, but it looks as though it's not much of a film. All right, in reality even horrible human beings don't deserve to be torture-porned to death, but somehow I doubt that's the argument here given how many other films argue that they do.

The Burning Sea: technically interesting, but where is it going? I'm in the market for old-school disaster, by all means, but do we get characters too?

Jujutsu Kaisen 0 - The Movie (Teaser): there's anime I enjoy, and there's plenty I don't. Nothing here makes it stand out from the mass.

The Cursed: visually lovely, but nothing to indicate that there's more than a very standard horror plot behind it all. (Also, you probably shouldn't say "one of the best horror films of the year" in January.)

  1. Posted by Jon Hancock at 10:17am on 01 February 2022

    "Last Looks: manly men have women falling all over them. Eh, just not my style."

    Too much of that sort of thing at home, eh?

  2. Posted by RogerBW at 10:22am on 01 February 2022

    Help, I am trapped among eightscore young blondes and brunettes, all between sixteen and nineteen-and-a-half, etc.

  3. Posted by Owen Smith at 02:09pm on 01 February 2022

    I wonder if Death On The Nile took advantage of the real sites being largely empty due to covid? The Ustinov film made great use of the real sites but in recent decades that would have been impossible except for the gaps created by two revolutions and covid.

  4. Posted by RogerBW at 02:42pm on 01 February 2022

    Doesn't look like it: Longcross Studios in Surrey, and Morocco. The pandemic has delayed its release (as has Hammer's later reputation), but filming was completed by the end of 2019.

  5. Posted by J Michael Cule at 06:09pm on 01 February 2022

    What a lot of horror. What a lot of horror trailers putting the best scares in the trailer.

    And I feel old if the Peter Ustinov version of DEATH ON THE NILE has faded enough in people's memories to justify a remake. AND there was a TV version since then.

    Oh, wait. Kenneth Branagh's ego has become involved. I understand perfectly.

  6. Posted by RogerBW at 06:34pm on 01 February 2022

    Branagh apparently has ambitions to make an Agatha Christie Cinematic Series, presumably starring himself as Poirot. I picture David Suchet laughing behind his hand.

  7. Posted by John P at 08:47pm on 02 February 2022

    I know Eternals isn't on your list, but I was reminded of this:

  8. Posted by RogerBW at 09:26pm on 02 February 2022

    My usual policy is to mention any given film only once, unless a later trailer seems particularly worthy of comment for some reason (e.g. they've completely shifted the marketing approach from one to the next).

  9. Posted by Owen Smith at 02:12am on 05 February 2022

    Ustinov may not be the best Poirot. But his Death On The Nile is unbeatable unless any remake uses the actual sites in Egypt. The David Suchet team knew this and didn't attempt to compete, doing something different with their Death On The Nile. Between the Ustinov and Suchet versions surely everything has been said and done. I can't see what Branagh can possibly bring to it that is an improvement.

  10. Posted by Jon Hancock at 12:24pm on 05 February 2022

    I'd not heard of Moonfall until you mentioned it, but I have now heard Mark Kermode's spectacular and somewhat bewildered review:

  11. Posted by RogerBW at 06:45pm on 05 February 2022

    "Makes Geostorm look like a low-key but hard-hitting documentary about climate change" – Mark Kermode

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