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December 2022 Trailers 05 January 2023

Some trailers I've seen recently, and my thoughts on them. (Links are to youtube. Opinions are thoroughly personal. Calibration: I want a trailer to tell me what's different about this film; the marketers want it to tell me why it's like all the others…)

Cocaine Bear: this is basically "Sharknado" with a light dusting of real-world history, isn't it? See the humans get mauled. See more humans get mauled. Ha ha isn't it funny these are meant to be real people. (Actually the bear just ate the cocaine and died.)

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts: the transformation sequences aren't bad, but there's the usual inertia problem when they're in humanoid forms. I am not invested in the mythhology.

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3: no doubt people who like this sort of thing will like this. Meanwhile I can't help but notice that every time a female character shares a shot with a male one, she's supporting him.

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny: Harrison, you belong in a museum. And that's been true since the last one. It all feels terribly synthetic, with Lucas and Spielberg (very much in crowd-pleasing mode on this series, but at least with a distinct vision) replaced with filmmaking by Disney committee.

Champions: sports movie is sports movie. Disabled people are funny.

Teen Wolf: The Movie: six seasons and a movie. This is the movie. Don't start here, I suspect.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: meh.

You People (Teaser): a different meh. Why do I want to watch these people?

Alice, Darling: is this going anywhere other than an express train to Obvioustown?

The Pale Blue Eye: now that starts to look a bit more promising.

Infinity Pool: clearly trying to be Weird and Surreal but I think perhaps trying a bit too hard.

65: it all feels as though it's saying things that have been said before in film. (And, given the major plot element revealed here, in a lot of written SF too.)

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse: the first of these animated things was quite fun, but this seems to be playing on the same ideas all over again.

Sword Art Online: Progressive - Scherzo of Deep Night: I enjoyed the anime series so I'll probably watch this eventually. But coming in afresh there'd be no established emotional weight.

Scream VI (Teaser): all I get from this is "no surprises, more of the same".

Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters (Extended Preview): is there any point to this at all? These horrible unsympathetic uncommunicative people… why am I supposed to care?

A Good Person: still, at least it's not as straight-out-of-the-mould as this.

Epic Tails: all these kidvids look the same to me. And sound the same.

Showing Up: while this seems to have something to it, even if the basic plot has been done a lot.

Barbie (Teaser): as someone else suggested, this can only be good if when Barbie and Ken kiss two giants hands smoosh them together. (I'm also a little bored with Margot Robbie only ever getting to play The Impossibly Beautiful Woman, though she's 32 so I don't suppose that'll last much longer.)

Book Club: The Next Chapter: haven't seen the first one, and if these are the best jokes I hate to think of the rest.

Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One - The Biggest Stunt in Cinema History: very impressive. Is it worth going to all that trouble for ten, twenty seconds of film?

Oppenheimer: a biopic could be interesting, but Nolan won't do it as a biopic. Might nonetheless work.

Of an Age: aw, the kids are in lerve and nobody has ever been in lerve before.

  1. Posted by Owen Smith at 07:24pm on 05 January 2023

    At least with Nolan we know Oppenheimer will almost certainly be filmed beautifully. That isn't a given these days with other filmmakers.

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