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The Outcasts of Heaven Belt, Joan D. Vinge 13 November 2023

1978 short SF novel. After its civil war, the Heaven system (gas giant and trojans, asteroid belt, some very marginal planets) has split into multiple polities, and the machinery that sustains life is gradually breaking down. Then a ramscoop starship arrives from a nearby system…

…and it all goes to pot very fast, as one of those states attacks the ship and most of its crew is killed. But this isn't a book about space action; it's much more about the people and the cultures of the various political factions (the Demarchy of the leading trojans, where everything can be voted on by the people but there are still corporate oligarchs; the Grand Harmony round the gas giant, a more conventional dictatorship; the dying people of Lansing, the former capital, with its plastic-roofed greenhouse planetoid and its strict policies on radiation-damaged children; and the surviving starship crew, who were hoping to trade for goods to solve their own problems). Each of these places has its own resource shortages, some of them more urgent than others, and each of them has a culture that's grown up round dealing with it.

Another consideration is that everyone knows the Heaven system's civilisations are running down (they can't fix the machines to fix the machines), and they cope with it in different ways: ignoring the problem, fighting to keep things going as long as possible, or nihilistic despair.

It's grim, and it's perhaps shorter than would have been ideal, but the people are splendid.

Series: Heaven Chronicles | Next in series: Legacy

  1. Posted by David Pulver at 01:10am on 17 November 2023

    I remember reading this in Analog in the year before I went to high school. I thought "Demarchy" was a great name. A few years later I bought Vinge's epic-sized Snow Queen, which was a very very different story, albeit still well done.

  2. Posted by RogerBW at 12:09pm on 20 November 2023

    A great many things I've read since 1978 seem, in retrospect, to have been influenced by this in some way. It's a little surprising that Joan Vinge is so little mentioned in ragged-space-SF circles.

  3. Posted by David Pulver at 10:18am on 22 November 2023

    I think it's mostly that a lot of her novel-length work in the 80s and 90s was film novelizations, and then lingering health problems from a car accident also limited her work and visibility in the 2000s. I do remember among my gaming circle she was still popular enough in the mid 80s that one player named a PC after one of her characters...

  4. Posted by RogerBW at 09:00am on 23 November 2023

    Similarly with Vonda N. McIntyre—some excellent books (it's probably time I reread the Starfarers series) but also a bunch of Star Trek and Star Wars books which nobody seems to have taken very seriously. (Some of them were certainly cash-ins, but some are very good indeed.)

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