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Wallace Collection 2015 29 February 2016

Shortly after Christmas I went to the Wallace Collection for the first time. I could spend days there. Images follow: cc-by-sa on everything.

First, Indian (and Indo-Persian) and African swords, daggers and pistols, and other artistic and decorative objects.

This strikes me as marketing. "It's got two blades! And they're serrated!"

Unusual binding of barrel to forestock.

A very ceremonial African sword.

My favourite sword and scabbard, the "fish sword". (Those old glass cabinets are a pain to photograph past…)


Cobbler's tools. (I had guessed surgical.)

Lots more shields and helmets.

Into the European Armoury.

All of a sudden we have three-dimensional metal-forming. I'm guessing this lance-rest was cast (then heavily worked).

Hercules versus a very crustacean-looking Hydra.

Firearm decorations.

Miniature of St George and the Dragon.

Even the loos were decorated!

Still Life of Arms and Armour from the Collection of Sir Richard Wallace (by Desgoffe, photographic reproduction).

I didn't photograph paintings but there are many of them too. Instead I took pictures of furniture and fittings, like this pair of marble Tazzas.

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